A single guy's unique, riotous, exotic, worldwide journey into weddings, relationships and marriage, written in a satire-filled, thought-provoking style of Hunter S. Thompson fused with George Carlin. An edgy, genre-defying travelogue mashup turning the novel and wedding day on it
s head. 

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Life’s a wedding for Bobby Bo, who’s traveled to nearly 100, from Tenerife to Singapore and Chile to Iceland. He’s been best man, groomsman, “father” of the bride, and bridesmaid—but always the single guy, whether with a girlfriend, flying solo, breaking up, meeting a new flame, or witnessing an ex take her vows.

A colorful cast of diverse personalities from all rungs of the socioeconomic ladder entangles him in a kaleidoscope of comedic conversations and adventures that unveil the wounds and wonders of the places, cultures, and religions he encounters. Quirky, elegant, and quickly moving dialogue roams from agribusiness to colonialism, war to world trade, yielding insight into the state of world affairs. There’s even the odd sexcapade thrown into the mix. Each wedding features a music playlist that sets the mood and may provide clues as to what’s really going on.

Fueled by his and others’ experiences, Bobby Bo humorously offers the occasional wedding “how-to” and receives usually unasked-for advice on marriage and relationships, all the while being pressured to join “the club.” Will it ever end? He seems in no rush to be a groom.

This first novel in a trilogy is a roller-coaster romp through 13 weddings spanning two decades. It’s a genre-defying mashup best described as an edgy Wedding Crashers meets a gritty Up in the Air crossed with a biting, male Eat, Pray, Love on a James Bond backdrop.