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Subject: Brands And Altered Reality
(Posted on Jun 12, 2016 at 01:21PM )
Throughout the book, a bunch of brands and product placement references have been sprinkled about, but many are not spelled correctly. Bob does know how to spell, most of the time (depending on the language), and it's done on porpoise here for effect.

Here are a bunch of examples pulled from the novel:

- Kokee Kola

- Appfull and its iconic iPot device (it plays tunage people, and is not a vaporizer for weed)

- Totoya, the vehicle brand highly favored by insurgents, terrorists, freedom fighters and revolutionaries worldwide

- iFone, another product by our good friends and drinking buddies at Appfull

- McDonnell's, the best hangover food ever per some, and occasonally referred to as "Ralphin' Ronnie's" by others

Yes, it does really exist, per here. A discussion on this matter of their past "Don't be evil" mantra merits separate coverage another time.

- WinWoes 98, and an oblique mention of "the hegemony of Redmond"

- Fizper, a big pharma outfit, and one of its lesser known "vascular" products called CadavERect

- Ballihurton, an evil-ass, global, oil field services corporation

- Glumberscher, another global oil field services giant, where Bob's ass actually worked decades back for a couple years (hence not calling it evil-ass)

Many other brands do remain the same as we know them in this reality, mostly good things like booze (be it beer, wine, bubbly, sake, whisky vs whiskey, cigars, watches, and other items. At other times, Bob decided to keep an actual name in play for clarity, as with say AT&T, regarding a certain building in Manhattan, deemed to be a good sanctuary from marauding zombies, discussed here.

This altered reality also applies to the treatment of some purely fictional character mentions as well, for reasons of satire and parody.

- Dom Cruz, some actor cat celebrity

- Will Klintun, sage of Arkansas, former US President, and scholarly spinmeister regarding the meaning of the word "is"

- Rick Chany, evil-ass politician and businessman, who used to run above mentioned, evil-ass oil services corporation

- Nat Bukannan, a US paleocon political pundit

- Will O. Wiley, some imaginary Fox News talking head

- Anne Coalturd, following on the above folks in similar vein

- Lush Limbaw, radio talk show jock and political commentator

So what gives with all that? Hey, it's Bob's book, and the world he experiences is mostly like the one we know, but certain things have been altered.

It may have been presciently planned on his part, but there seems to be a tie-in to real changes similarly going on today right in front of our eyes. Many brands / products, media (e.g., books, movies, TV shows, music), titles, names, symbols, events and other references have all mysteriously seemingly subtly changed.

Look into something called the Mandela Effect and do some digging. No, you're not losing your mind and memory. But don't take Bob's word for it. A starter summary on the topic, if you're interested, and not asleep at the switch, is below. More on this forum here too.

As with all, do your own investigation and research to draw your own conclusions. What do you remember from your own experience?

If the Mandela Effect is a bit much for you to fathom or drives you bonkers, alternatively dive into this read for an escape from this reality (and all others) for shits and giggles, as some single cat travels the world attending weddings and gets into all kinds of situations and encounters.

Subject: Paperback Giveaway on Goodreads
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Subject: Wedding Chronicles Trade Paperback Now Available
(Posted on Jun 20, 2014 at 04:26PM )
Wedding Chronicles is now available in 5.5" x 8.5" trade paperback format from Amazon internationally.

This is in addition to its original e-book formats (Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, and Kobo)

See Get The Book for country specific website link details.

Subject: Wedding Chronicles - Location Photos on PInterest
(Posted on Apr 20, 2014 at 10:18AM )
Wedding Chronicles is a novel about some single guy's global wedding travels and humorous misadventures, plus a whole lot more.

There are no pictures as a formal part of the tale for each event in the book, but there are Pinterest boards to paint the international wedding backdrops. They feature the specific places, surrounding areas, actual venues and other cultural elements like the food and booze that formed a part of the trip.

There are boards for all thirteen weddings in this first instalment of the eventual trilogy. They visually dive into the exotic locations in the book, from Tenerife, Cancun, Santiago, Mustique, and Hawaii, to Amman, Barcelona, Iceland, and Singapore among them. Additional photos are being added continuously in drip fashion to fill the boards out even more.

Visit Bob's Pinterest page to check it all out, by clicking on the following icon...

Note that these aren't Bob's photos. He has only slapped them all together up there in a scrapbook / album fashion. When one isn't into photography and rarely takes photos, reliance is placed on others' photography talent to convey what is desired. Good thing there's no shortage of that out there on zee "Interweb."

Subject: Wedding Chronicles Giveaway
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Subject: Music Playlists for Wedding Chronicles
(Posted on Jan 9, 2014 at 11:12PM )
The music playlists for every chapter (or wedding) in Wedding Chronicles can be listened to on:


Just click on your platform icon of choice. Each location has playlists broken down by chapter, and one long one for the full novel. There is also a separate playlist for all the couples' first dances taken from the weddings in the book, in the order of chapter sequence.

The music angle is designed to add a whole new layer to the reading experience, by setting the ambience and background for the tale. In many cases songs are tied to the cultures and parts of the world where the story is set, the couple's heritage(s), or the general time period in history.

At other times, some of the somg lyrics drop some additional clues to the storyline or hints about certain characters, or even what might be going on inside Bobby Bo's head at the time. Sometimes these hints and clues are subtle, and at other times, very much not so.

Great music is an essential ingredient to any successful and fun wedding, and so it is also an integral part of the book as a soundtrack. Each chapter or wedding playlist is roughly timed to be as long as it takes to read a given chapter in one sitting. But if you read very quickly, or very slowly, it may not synch up. But hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

If reading and listening to music drives you nuts, you can always listen separately. And finally, if you don't like music at all, that is fine too.

The book experience stands alone with just the words, but the playlists are designed to take it another notch higher, from uhh, sorta kinda like Nigel Tufnel's guitar amplifier in This Is Spinal Tap (1984) and this scene below.
Subject: Route and IATA Airport Codes
(Posted on Jan 8, 2014 at 11:50PM )
For those trying to figure out any, some or many of those pesky-critter 3-letter codes throughout the book under "Route" in each chapter or wedding, this link for the IATA airport code system will demystify and help solve that matter. The International Air Transport Authority (IATA) airport code system designates codes for airports all around the world.

The series of 3-letter codes in each Wedding Chronicles chapter basically shows the start, interim and end points of how Bobby Bo got to those weddings and back again. Some are obvious, and many others not. It can also get tricky generally when some cities have multiple ariports. In that case, the one actually used at the time was picked for Wedding Chronicles.

Looking through the IATA list, some cities have some pretty funny letter combinations, as was underscored in Singapore #77 with FUK 'n FUN (standing for the airports in Fukuoka, Japan and Funafuti, Tuvalu, respectively). These two last references are pretty obscure, but sound great together. Not that Bob's been to either (geographical) place yet.

Hey, this is what happens with your headspace when spending long hours on planes going to weddings around the world as a single guy for adventure and amusement. But some years, these trips flew by in a blur just like outta this scene in Snatch.

Wedding Chronicles is out now as an e-book on: 

- Amazon
Apple iBooks
- Barnes & Noble Nook

The embeded links above are for the USA. Direct links for Canada, UK and all other country markets for those platforms can be found at Get The Book.

Watch the one-minute video trailer which sums up the locations and premise nicely.

Paperback availability is expected sometime later in 2014.


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