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Here's the scoop on Reverend X from the "Spirit of Truth" / "One Man Show", as discussed (and danced thereafter) in Hawaii #54 between Lamont Lewis and Isaiah Washington in the early part of wedding day in the hotel suite.

If only church was like this, then maybe more people (inlcuding Bob) would go, let alone believe. Now this cat knew how to deliiver a sermon, and with some kool steppin' to close it all off. These are the funny stories and things that come to light when one attends weddings all over. The (Spirit of) Truth is out there, if you care to find it.

'This a work of f(r)iction, where fact and fiction rub up against each other, and nobody wants to know it regardless.'

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From the moment the cover for this book is studied and the credits are listed (Bob N. Boguslavski, author, George-Therese Dickenson, editor, Toten Creative, Translator, and Anouk Jansen and Cathy Angus-Healey, illustrators) the idea that this is full frontal farce is fairly obvious. Trying to piece together some sort of biographical data on the author Bob N. Boguslavski points out more comedy: he is (apparently) of Ukrainian Polish heritage, born in YUL (that's the moniker for the Montreal-Trudeau airport) Canuckistan (Soviet Canuckistan being the epithet for Canada) and now living in YVR (the Vancouver airport designator) raises an eyebrow. Apparently Bob (or Bobby Bo as his memoiresque book names him) has traveled from Canada thru the USA, UK, Egypt, Spain, India, The Netherlands and if this book has a trace of fact to it he has attended weddings in just about all of these places and more. 'He enjoys being misunderstood in different languages he has butchered and warehousing inane information and factoids upstairs until Alzheimer's or dementia sets in to make it all disappear.'

At any rate, Bob N. Boguslavski is funny - and his writing is hilarious, a bit naughty at times, a tad pungent, but the manner in which he gently mocks the concept of marriage and relationships and the general state of the world today supplies many hours of loud guffaws. The 'chapters' (or better yet 'Chronicles'), sometimes in the form of formatted isolated stories and other times in the ether of emails, are each weddings, and each wedding its standardized by introductory listings by couple, date, location, place of ceremony and reception, number of guests, honeymoon, first dance, and playlist of music for the wedding. It is what happens on the way to, at, and the aftermath that keeps this little book singing with laughter. His play with words and languages entertains while poking a bit of fun at both sides of a conversation. And unexpectedly perhaps there is enough commentary about world events and differences of cultures and religions and just about every topic that can be parodied to make this more than just a travelogue of wedding parades.

At book's end, Bobby Bo shares the following: 'Kidding aside, deep down, my relationships have been like all my other life experiences: they immerse themselves into the mix like new ingredients in an ever-evolving simmering stew. They are combined with my ongoing exposure to the world's ways, my deciphering of what the news media says supposedly happens out there, friendly advice (sometimes delivered with mixed messages), and crossed signals, all exerting their collective influence on me. I am--infiltrated by all, inculcated by none.' This is a fine comedy writer who seems to be the type that will catch on with the public. Let's see what comes up next.

Rating: 5 / 5 on and Goodreads

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Always the groomsman and never the groom is Bobby Bo's way of life. Wedding Chronicles tracks Bobby Bo through 13 weddings and relates to the readers what he learns along the way. Wedding Chronicles is the first novel in a planned trilogy.

The author, Bob N. Boguslavksi, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

Wedding Chronicles by Bob N. Boguslavksi comes with a soundtrack. I read half of the novel without the soundtrack (you can find it by clicking here [YouTube] and/or here [Spotify] - song lists also appear within the narrative should a reader choose to do their own looking) and went back and read again with the music in mind. I found that the interactivity of the music elevated the tone of the narrative. There is a life to Bobby Bo with or without the music that is hard to deny.

Bobby is the true magic of Wedding Chronicles. Boguslavski's characters are nothing short of brilliant. From Lulu of French Canada and 42 years of marriage at the beginning of the novel, each encounter makes an impact. The core characters met at school in Spain. Jock Finn, the novel's star masochist, just cracked me up. If Wedding Chronicles had a Steve Stifler ("American Pie"); he plays that role but without being abrasive. Radio host Larry Flick says that if you're going to be an asshole, the least you can be is funny and Jock is just awful and so hilarious and yet never a character I thought over the top.

Bobby is a character that has the feeling of being well known to the author. He seems a bit jaded on the surface but the reader knows that deep down beats the heart of an optimist and one who believes in love. Usually a first novel will be weak as the author is getting to know his or her character and really over sharing with the audience in the process. Boguslavksi presents Bobby as someone he's known all his life and so have we. We were there for his first go as a best man. We are by his side as he strives not to anger the Icelandic Andre the Giant. Bobby is a great character and his interactions are true to his characters.

The co-star of Wedding Chronicles is the unique situational humor that Boguslavksi weaves through his narrative. Bobby is traveling the world from wedding to wedding. This is not simply a book about weddings and marriage but one of travel, politics, relationships and life. There is a light tone and spirit in the novel reminding us not to take life too seriously. I can only liken my experience in reading this novel to sitting in front of a favourite comedy of the 60s. Deliciously enjoyable and a novel I would love to read again and again.

If you're looking for a fun and funny read that will make you think, pick Wedding Chronicles up today.

Bob N. Boguslavksi is a Canadian author who has lived all over the world. Wedding Chronicles is his first novel.

Rating: 5 / 5 * on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads

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