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Subject: Route and IATA Airport Codes
(Posted on Jan 8, 2014 at 11:50PM )
For those trying to figure out any, some or many of those pesky-critter 3-letter codes throughout the book under "Route" in each chapter or wedding, this link for the IATA airport code system will demystify and help solve that matter. The International Air Transport Authority (IATA) airport code system designates codes for airports all around the world.

The series of 3-letter codes in each Wedding Chronicles chapter basically shows the start, interim and end points of how Bobby Bo got to those weddings and back again. Some are obvious, and many others not. It can also get tricky generally when some cities have multiple ariports. In that case, the one actually used at the time was picked for Wedding Chronicles.

Looking through the IATA list, some cities have some pretty funny letter combinations, as was underscored in Singapore #77 with FUK 'n FUN (standing for the airports in Fukuoka, Japan and Funafuti, Tuvalu, respectively). These two last references are pretty obscure, but sound great together. Not that Bob's been to either (geographical) place yet.

Hey, this is what happens with your headspace when spending long hours on planes going to weddings around the world as a single guy for adventure and amusement. But some years, these trips flew by in a blur just like outta this scene in Snatch.