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Subject: Dealing with St. Valentine's Day
(Posted on Feb 14, 2020 at 10:45AM )
It’s that big day again. Yip, yup, yep. It's hard to resist commentatin' some on all this. 

It sort of creeps up on your sorry ass, so sneakily smoove [sic] and subtly without any warning, and then Ba-Bam!

Remembering back years ago, BNB was down in Cancun for a mid-winter wedding just after this special day, so it was combinated [sic] for added life effect. Sun, sand, sea, surf and cervezas, along with the girlfriend partner of significance at the time. What could go wrong?
This was our third wedding as a couple: the first two had
gone just great. I was now accustomed to attending them together.
On this trip, however, we had been fighting daily, save Valentine’s
Day, which had passed amicably enough, with both of us making a
special one-off détente effort.
I felt increasingly like it might be our last boda together. 
Domestic bliss—not.  I couldn’t seem to say or do anything right,
so perhaps saying next to nothing was best.

It’s kinda funny how relationships can go to hell in a handbasket pretty damn skippy quick. But that’s a whole other ball of wax not related to today’s theme. Still, good, bad, or ugly, that was one of  Bob's most memorable Valentine's to date.

It’s a big day generally, for some many coupled up, and a boffo orchestrated commercial “$ma$h and grab” with coerced and captive consumers on the hook. You are expected / supposed to do certain shit, or you might get messed up super "bigly yuge" by your significant other.

For those curious, the celebration's origins may not well be all lovey-dovey though, as detailed here with  The Gory Origins of Valentine’s Day | The holiday began as a feast to celebrate the decapitation of a third-century Christian martyr, or perhaps two. So how did it become all about love?

This next piece odes back to Roman daze [sic], with stuff like sacrifices, drunken nakedness and other wilder elements. The Dark Origins Of Valentine's Day.

Here are two varying stylistic views from a couple of well-known mainstream TV types, not that their opinions mean more than anybody else’s. Make of it what you will, as Bob's just throwing it in the mix. 

We all need to make choices in life, on matters small and large, so choose wisely. Just like this cat done did.

Our main man got the wisdom on that! Long-term marriage is a kind and masterful teacher it would appear. It's all so clear.

Bob's attitude and perspective are pretty crystal—he spreads that around more than peanut butter and jelly on bread. Remember, it's always funny until someone loses a testicle, as he is wont to state on occasion. 

The actual off-line StVD plan will be hanging out post Friday sundown with a few folks, rustle up some vittles at the hacienda, and crack open some accompanying adult alco-poppage, to help grease along animated cerebral conversation and assorted world witticisms.

Today’s theme will hardly get mentioned, in part because one punter in particular will be marking their birthday a day late as a convenient distraction. Said punter also abruptly cancelled his "casual" StVD date plan, cuz ... like ... the other side wanted romance, candlelit high-end dining, going dancing, and other stuff like that. 

Some of tonight's celebratory crew will be paired up, but most will be flying solo, on both sides of the genital divide. Valentine's Day is as much about a mindset anyway, as with a lot else in life. 

Bob ain't hating on the day at all. It is what it is, and you gotta do what you gotta do. So get out there, and make the most of the it, whether alone, with others, or lonely in a loving relationship. Y'all can be at home, stepping out, on the road, or away at a tropical wedding and experiencing all the joys and tender moments love and romance have to offer.
Bob wrote a whole book chocka-blocka full of shit like this and other funny / "out there" stuff to do with weddings, marriage, and relationships, set against an exotic worldwide backdrop. No doubt, his debut novel must have that de rigueur HEA (or at least, HFN) ending in all run-of-the-mill romance that (female) readers crave? Yeah, let's smoke another one, shall we.