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CIA meets Peter Pan

Bob is an engineer cum storywriter. The result is Wedding Chronicles, a really different, inspiring and fun read. Basically this book is about a sequence of very diverse weddings all over the world. You get to know the highlights of each ceremony (which is not necessarily the wedding dress) and become witness to conversations related to the region or to important events at the time of each wedding.

Lots of witty wording (not by "coink-e-dink"), naming and conversations like the one where a friend (himself married three times already) talks about the greatness of marriage and asks Bob when he finally thinks to get settled ... this book makes you laugh!

Bob's initial and final musings about weddings give the reader the chance to reflect on his own experiences, while Peter Pan ignores that his time for decision making won't last forever. But hey, if you work for the CIA - as most of his friends apparently believe - your priorities must be set somewhere. Or maybe the sheer number of weddings equals a decent vaccination against marriage.

This is also a book about a friend of his friends, where Bob is the big gatherer of his friends' weddings, while forgetting about hunting down his own.

It is hard to believe - as the author claims - that there were no notes taken for all the detailed descriptions. In any case Bob mastered a serious issue of data gathering.

The format makes it possible to put the book aside ... you don't lose track if you leave time between reading the chapters. And if you want to completely immerse, with each chapter Bob has created a fine set of music playlists, which will put you in the right mood while reading. Extraordinary.

Rating: 5 / 5 *

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