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Subject: Music Playlists for Wedding Chronicles
(Posted on Jan 9, 2014 at 11:12PM )
The music playlists for every chapter (or wedding) in Wedding Chronicles can be listened to on:


Just click on your platform icon of choice. Each location has playlists broken down by chapter, and one long one for the full novel. There is also a separate playlist for all the couples' first dances taken from the weddings in the book, in the order of chapter sequence.

The music angle is designed to add a whole new layer to the reading experience, by setting the ambience and background for the tale. In many cases songs are tied to the cultures and parts of the world where the story is set, the couple's heritage(s), or the general time period in history.

At other times, some of the somg lyrics drop some additional clues to the storyline or hints about certain characters, or even what might be going on inside Bobby Bo's head at the time. Sometimes these hints and clues are subtle, and at other times, very much not so.

Great music is an essential ingredient to any successful and fun wedding, and so it is also an integral part of the book as a soundtrack. Each chapter or wedding playlist is roughly timed to be as long as it takes to read a given chapter in one sitting. But if you read very quickly, or very slowly, it may not synch up. But hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

If reading and listening to music drives you nuts, you can always listen separately. And finally, if you don't like music at all, that is fine too.

The book experience stands alone with just the words, but the playlists are designed to take it another notch higher, from uhh, sorta kinda like Nigel Tufnel's guitar amplifier in This Is Spinal Tap (1984) and this scene below.