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Subject: Cancun #25 - That Gusano de Oro character
(Posted on Jan 19, 2014 at 07:37PM ) Tags:
You just know when you have had a deep and meaningful, long-term impactful life experience after one brief encounter that comes back to haunt you some 11 years later. What I am squawking about here is that chipper looking Gusano de Oro character (or Golden Worm in English) from the mezcal brand of the same name. Just take a look at him here below..

See what I mean? He sure looks all warm and fuzzy, but let me tell you, that sucker knows how to pack a punch. Don’t let that warm, beckoning smile disarm you either.  Talk about sneaky, if memorable, marketing ploys. My virgin exposure to this bad boy was in Tijuana back in ’85, and I was hanging out on a road trip with a couple of the lads from university when we bought a bottle for consumption. The bottle sure looked cool anyway., what with the worm sitting on the bottom. Then we started drinking it. 

Mezcal is generally very smoky--and I mean VERY. Right up there smoky like these 6 scotch whisky brands, but not nearly as smooth or refined. It has an edge, whether you are drinking it neat, or having orange slices sprinkled with some of that sal de gusano (or worm salt, if you will) on the side to help it slide down a little better.

I hear that there are various grades of mezcal, but I ain’t no expert, not having tried enough other brands over the years except for that Gusano Rojo puppy as shown here.
Look at him (or maybe it is her). Now this second  worm is playing a little more coy and seems much more shy, but you just gotta know that red is flashing “Danger, danger!”

Anyway, you can now better understand why that apparition in the form of Gusano de Oro, floating above the bed on that wedding night in Cancun (with a fuming Birgitta at my side), and talking to me in English with Mitchell Randolph’s voice was enough to freak anybody out. But at least he had a valuable warning for me. When encounters like that, imaginary or otherwise, happen, you have to take heed. Either that, or it was the evening’s fine Tres Generaciones añejo tequila talking to me, and just messing with my head.

No matter what it was, I was listening, and became a single guy again shortly thereafter.