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Subject: Westport #94 - Fat, Fluff, Froth, and Fizz
(Posted on Feb 22, 2014 at 02:11PM )
That 840-page issue of Vogue back in September 2007 was a fitting symbol of the apex of the financial markets and an omen of things to come before the subprime housing crisis bubble burst and everything went to hell in a handbasket thereafter in the financial world.

Coming in at some 4 - 5 lbs., depending on your source(s), (but it's not like Bob dug an old back-copy up to weigh it in realty, so omelette you do the "trust but verify" thing there), and with most of it bumpf hawking fashion, accessories, and cosmetics, it was a nice tie-in to the excesses of the period. There wasn't a whole lot of substance to it, doing the simple page math of 840 less 727 of ads, left 113 pages of arguably what could be construed as advertorial.

This is a good piece going back to look at it with bit of a critical eye. It does a way better job than Bob could ever do, since this cat ain't no big fashion boffin with any bonafide qualifications. They even bothered to make a documentary about it all, called The September Issue (2009), if you really want more insight on the matter.

I always find it funny about our world that we can get more folks to care about stuff like this, than about the more important stuff, but yo, that's the way stuff shakes out today, with many of us having the attention span of goldfish, and where we would rather be entertained than know the real deal, as that requires a lot more work. Hey, it's all good, but don't be surprised by stuff happening later on that was always there to begin with.

Most fellas won't be into the movie or the mag (except for checking out the chikitas), but it was fun to have a conversation in passing at that Westport, CT wedding with Tristan Alford, knowing his wife was all over that publication "to advertise some hip disguise," and eye up even more unnecessary haute couture for her walk-in closets.

The ladz in Rage Against The Machine had it all down pat and then some, about entertainment in general, with their 1998 tune, "No Shelter" and the lyrics therein.


One could sit there and analyze the meanings of the lyrics / messages 25 ways to Sunday, but I think it's just a great song when all is said and done to keep it simple.

Since that time back in 2007, Vogue outdid themselves, taking things to a higher level in September 2012, with that issue eclipsing the 2007 record and clocking in at, yowza, 916 pages, but trimming back (a tad) on the ads.

Jumpin' Jehovah's Witnesses, that's the kind of stuff a single guy at weddings needs to be able to deal with randomly as cocktail and appetizer time beckons. No topic is too frivolous or sacred to be managed or mangled in one way or another, be it good, bad or ugly (whatever her name is). That's just the way the world is, but as one wise person once quipped, it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is. You know it!