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Subject: Santiago #30 - Sipping Something Chilean
(Posted on Feb 25, 2014 at 09:37AM )
That reference in the Chile chapter to the three "distant cousins" of the fabled Bubinga sisters, was really a nod to three wine-producing areas/valleys in the country - Aconcagua, Colchagua, and Itata. The Homer Simpson inspired "D.O." slip (instead of his usual "D'oh"), is the shortie for Denomination of Origin (or Denominacion de Origen in Spanish) and was done on porpoise, Corky.

As can be seen from this long and skinny map below, them three female "Bubinga cousins" are on there as proof positive as to what was really going on that day at lunch and thereafter on that Friday the 13th day before the wedding. It was all about consumption, sampling local wares, and exploring the city informally by subway and on foot, which is my favorite way to do things.

The trio of wine valley names were plucked randomly from among all possible there, but I wanted ones that could arguably sound a little more female for extra meaningful context. Back at the time in 1996, Chilean wine was just starting to break out to global export markets in a major way, even though their stuff was all highly drinkable well before that.

Flash forward nearly 18 years to 2014, and Chlle is a wine export monster, which is not the same as a Lady Gaga "Little Monster." For those that like numbers, here's a little chart showing Chile in the league of top global exporters by volume (based on 2011 figures).

As a "monster" related sidebar, check out this number "Fatty Boom Boom" by Die Antwoord ("The Answer" in Engrisch), who are out of South Africa, Their video takes the piss out of her "G"-ness. One needs to have a sense of humor on things, but this UK Daily Mail piece from October 2012 seems to indicate she wasn't too happy about it all. You can judge for yourself on all accounts after watching the video. The group seem to have their own strong opinion on the state of rap too. Ooh ahr.

Okay, so somebody went off track a bit, going on about Chilean wine regions, switching gears to "monsters" (both figuartively and literally), and then to newspaper commentary about "prawns up someone's privates" and rap in a South African music video, but hey, that's; the way the world is sometimes, and the news too.

This last country, South Africa, is another great wine exporting nation with good product I can attest to. Bob hasn't been to a wedding there yet, but maybe one day.

As a single guy, I am always willing to go with the flow, both at home and abroad while on some wedding junket. No stressing about stuff you can't (or don't want to) control.

There are otherwise some Santiago shots (and from other parts across Chile) on this Pinterest board for some added visual distraction.

At the end of the day though, who really be them Bubinga sisterz anyway? Do they actually exist?

That's something for another time, and wedding quest, plus maybe another deep and meaningful drinks discussion. Remember, it's always better to drink it, than to just know about it.