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Bob never liked his Electrical Engineering (EE) studies at all. It was not his cup of tea, he just stuck through to the bitter end and then moved on with life. As pointed out in the book at that wedding in Cancun when faced with a seriously misbehaving coffee machine, this was his take on it all.
"You studied electrical engineering, didn't you?" she said.

"Yeah, but it's not like I learned anything practical like being an electrician."

The whole EE thing had seemed mostly about ways to do all kinds of crazy-ass,
fucked-up math, most of which I'd already forgotten, nearly seven years after
graduation. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Voltage, V, is I times R.

Here's a typical example of that stuff, as pulled from a scintillating 2013 paper entitled "Electrical Conductivity and Nonmetal-Metal Transition of Dense Iron and Nickel Plasmas." Now, doesn't the equation below, as pulled from that puppy, just get your heart racing with excitement and want to go sign up for several years of this stuff?

Some more imaginative and innovative cats in the space like to take things beyond theory and put them into practice, for the benefit and education of all. Here's one example demonstrating electrostatic discharge, but EE ElectroBoom guy Medhi Sadaghdar has a whole series up here if you want to learn some more.

Here's a list of notable EEs over the years. Geez, not a lot of chikitas there, just as it was in Bob's engineering class. Also not good and yet another reason to stay away from that field of study. Rowan Atkinson took it to one level more of punishment and paper from BS (bullshit) to MS (more shit), and look what he did with his life. Change it up is what, once he got smart about that choice.

Some may even want to take stuff a step further and go all the way to Ph.D (piled higher and deeper). Bob's view on education in general can be found in his last post.

Exactly! Take that as a hint. At the end of the day, Bob reckons that most electrical engineers would much rather be like this guy--the most interesting man in the world from the well-known series of Dos Equis beer ads. EE sure ain't gonna do that for your ass. There are a ton of those commercials, and many can be seen here and here, beyond what is below.

Maybe even more interesting is the background on how that actually happened for our man Jonathan Goldsmith behind the beer ad campaign.

On the other hand, EE studies may well make you the least interesting man in the world.

On a related note, just just because you didn't study EE, don't let that stop you and your friends from exploring the joyous possibilities of electricity in different ways.

There are a ton of creative possibilites ideas in this area, limited only by imagination. One of Bob's personal favorites is this punter pissing on an electric fly swatter.

But danger, danger, in reality, it can get way more serious than that. Remember, there are big perils out there with electricity, especially as the voltage level climbs, as this video from India graphically points out. N.B. Nonny donny press play if you are squeamish about seeing someone get completely crisped.
You don't need to have studied electrical engineering to have that warning come home. Makes you wonder how Dos Equis man would have managed that. Really, at the end of the day, for most EEs out there toiling away in industry, the work is a far cry from anything really exciting.

As an exception, this cat has a few more thrills in the field though. You gotta like his parting commentary about his three fears in life.

Whatever you choose to do with your life, be it EE, not EE, or sumpin' else completely, make sure you do it well, as our learned and experienced pitchman advocates--that's something you can take to the bank.

Bob is so friggin' glad he traded that whole world in to become a part-time typist (PTT) and occasional wedding guest (OWG) at spots all around the world.