“This is a work of f(r)iction, where fact and fiction rub up against each other, and nobody wants to know it regardless.”

"It took out the Northeast faster than Manuel Noriega does a bag of Oreos."
- Wade Roe

"We had two categories. We had that good shit ... and we had that other shit."
- Moodymann (aka Kenny Dixon Jr.)

“It’s always funny until someone loses a testicle.”

"Keep it weird. They'll get it later."
- Kid Koala (aka Eric San)

“Seeking solace on sofa from she-nanigans, sippin’ suds and surfin’ screen spahts.”
- Jock Finn

“Talk American to me, baby. Whaddat in Fahrenheit?”
- Edwin M. Terry, aka Dr. LoveSexy

“The diamond business is a rigged game, just like insurance and banking.”

“If they smoke, they poke.”
- Billy Brant (and many guys before him)
“Sometimes, bewitchin’ bitches be witches.”
- Jock Finn

“Sent from my CrackBerry Intergalactic Kommunikator that doubles as an Illuvian Disruptor Death Ray.”

“Omelette you do that.”
- Dr. LoveSexy

“Iggy wiggy, come here l’il piggy.”
- Cedric Smith

"Life is beautiful, it's just the shit in it that's fucked up."
- De La Soul, "The Grind Date" song (2004) 

“Illuvian Disruptor Death Rays don't kill Illuvians. Illuvians kill Illuvians.”

“A good captain is always willing to sail his ship through the Red Sea.”
- Tobias Tschüß

“If miscalculated, the scene could unravel and go down faster than a piñata at Carlos Slim Helu’s surprise 50th birthday party.”
Space may be the final frontier. But it's made in a Hollywood basement.
- Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Californication" song (1999)